Some feelings

17 June2021

Hold Music Jam Session

26 May2021


25 May2021

I sincerely am missing doing my side projects/waste of time ideas. Accidentally am really busy again, and its all for naught really isn't it.

Anyway, work updates, newsletter updates, everything soon.


New Work.

25 May2021

Creative Elephant.

Made with Peter Roden, for LCC


Error messing 002

21 April2021

Gotta hit em with the noise


Messing with the 'error'

20 April2021

proper creative coding shi'


London Migratory Patterns 002

18 April2021

Got a lot more data, and also updated the visual. The thing to look at from a glance is 'blue' is where bikes are not, 'red' is where they are. So you can start to see how people live on the outskirts of the city and come into the city in the day.

That is because you can see its red around the outside at night, and turns blue around the outside in the day (full docks -> empty docks).

Also interestingly my data spans over the 12th april, when shops etc. were able to open after lockdown measures, so you can see that post the 12th april it becomes a lot more exaggerated, especially the 17th april which is the first saturday since measures changed.

Data is cool!

migratory.jthaw.club (takes a long time to load, sorry)


London Migratory Patterns

5 April2021

Kind've a remedial visualisation for now, but interesting seeing the migrating patterns by 'boris' bikes in London. The taller the spike, the more bikes are in that spot currently.



Presenting the CD of the summer

3 April2021

With late deadlines and generally having a little more time on your hands, companies may have missed the chance to listen to this music this fiscal year.

You can never miss it again now, for £9.99 from Woolworths nationwide.


New Work. Satan Shoes

30 March2021