WIP #03

16 July2021

I redid the mechanism that I used for Drum Generates to be a bit more flexible and certainly more reliable. It now uses RGB LED strips so it has access to a much larger colour spectrum too and is controlled via midi through my laptop, so live or programmable is the same to it.


WIP #02

16 July2021

Presented with little context. I have photographed nearly all of the petrol stations in zone 1 & 2 of London for a project


WIP #01

16 July2021

Work in progress from a collection of work exploring the notion of 'The good old days'


I work for MSCHF now

13 July2021


12 July2021

Focus, take a deep breath, chin up

8 July2021

Positive message, positive thoughts


Making bespoke tools again

5 July2021

Back where every creative developer should be


MSN Profile Picture

2 July2021

RCA 2021 live

2 July2021


Made with MTJ (Ali + Daniel)


Hi, welcome to the site

21 June2021