London Migratory Patterns

5 April2021

Kind've a remedial visualisation for now, but interesting seeing the migrating patterns by 'boris' bikes in London. The taller the spike, the more bikes are in that spot currently.



Presenting the CD of the summer

3 April2021

With late deadlines and generally having a little more time on your hands, companies may have missed the chance to listen to this music this fiscal year.

You can never miss it again now, for £9.99 from Woolworths nationwide.


New Work. Satan Shoes

30 March2021

Analog animation exploration

29 March2021

Printed with my pen plotter

See the contact sheet here


Contact sheet

28 March2021

Digital -> prepare -> print -> analog -> scan -> slice -> Digital


Real animation must be hard

27 March2021

I have ascended

27 March2021

New work: Axe No. 5

25 March2021


The site is censored because we received a cease and desist from Chanel. Axe however promoted it


Next time

16 March2021

Ask myself every day

11 March2021

I hoarded these beautiful Letraset sheets for years. I'd almost rather use them on nothing, than not use them at all.