Last Years Singles

6 January2022

New site, that I'm so damn proud of.



A bit of popularity for movies

29 November2021

Damn, sometimes get lucky striking a chord with the right community. All credit to the /r/movies community, such useful info and helpful insight and it drove so much traffic, I don't normally get a 100th of this for any project I do


Christmas Party

29 November2021

I wont replicate it here, as I did it "out in the open" on Twitter, but I made a little Christmas tree creator and viewer. Made in a day so very much corners have been cut, but its still trying to keep my ThreeJS momentum going

🦅 Check out the thread here

🌍 Check out the site here

🧑‍💻 Check out the code here


Bit of a weird opinion piece

22 August2021

Seeing this as a trending thing (and reading the story about it) I find it that weird thing again where its angled that we should feel sympathy for something. Starting a bit of text like that will always make me insane, BUT my angle is not a 'told you so' or anything like that, but I think it's a very interesting look into the larger problem with the web and possibly beyond.

If you rely on a platform that is not your own, then that can get pulled out from under you at any point. I feel sorry individually for people who rely on it, but the mass as a whole I feel like they were always living with this as a possibility and it just happened.


C O O L (Now in technicolor)

16 August2021


16 August2021

Some new animations

15 August2021

Trying but not necessarily succeeding yet

12 August2021

Vague start

4 August2021