1 June2022

Moved house, found prints


Little explainer for the POWER CHORD HAND

21 February2022

Guitar Zine Test

20 February2022

Made a test for an idea I've had for a while. A zine of little easy to understand chords, with this rocking power chord illustration, to help people starting out with guitar just be able to play songs they know


City of love

13 February2022

Soft soft soft

5 February2022

Last Years Singles

6 January2022

New site, that I'm so damn proud of.



A bit of popularity for movies

29 November2021

Damn, sometimes get lucky striking a chord with the right community. All credit to the /r/movies community, such useful info and helpful insight and it drove so much traffic, I don't normally get a 100th of this for any project I do


Christmas Party

29 November2021

I wont replicate it here, as I did it "out in the open" on Twitter, but I made a little Christmas tree creator and viewer. Made in a day so very much corners have been cut, but its still trying to keep my ThreeJS momentum going

🦅 Check out the thread here

🌍 Check out the site here

🧑‍💻 Check out the code here


Bit of a weird opinion piece

22 August2021

Seeing this as a trending thing (and reading the story about it) I find it that weird thing again where its angled that we should feel sympathy for something. Starting a bit of text like that will always make me insane, BUT my angle is not a 'told you so' or anything like that, but I think it's a very interesting look into the larger problem with the web and possibly beyond.

If you rely on a platform that is not your own, then that can get pulled out from under you at any point. I feel sorry individually for people who rely on it, but the mass as a whole I feel like they were always living with this as a possibility and it just happened.