AI Spy

AI Spy is a little web app taking full advantage of the Google Cloud Vision API to create something incredibly dumb.

Its a progressive experience in the fact that it works on both Android and iOS however with android you get photos straight from the camera, speech synthesis (so you can play with a virtual friend <3) and the power of service worker, while on iOS the app is still fully functional for its MVP.

The project uses the power of a progressive web app, to also deliver good UX decisions like allowing the site to load offline, but informing you that it needs a connection to work.

This small decision allows good interaction, instead of leaving people in the dark.

The camera captures the images from around the room, which pings it off to the Google Cloud Vision api, returning a set of labels that it reckons it finds in the images, which is perfect for a little game of I Spy.

It was a no brainer.